"Shader Worlds" is a mini project completed over the course of a month as part of a university assignment. The project investigates various effects that can be achieved using Unity's shader graphs, but also expands on them to create atmospheric 'worlds' that you can visit!

Each world is uniquely crafted to best suit particular types of shaders, coupled with additional features like sound, particle systems, and objects that match the setting. There are a total of 7 worlds to explore which you can travel to via the portals. If you fall off the island, you will be teleported back to the island you were just on. Happy exploring!

Known Bugs

The following bugs will be worked on when I get the time to address them, but should not detract from the experience too heavily:

  • Portals connecting the water world to the advertising centre do not display the correct views
  • A CG shader in the desert world is replaced with the pink missing texture only in WebGL. This shader can be seen correctly in the downloadable file.


"Shader Worlds" Executable Files 173 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the zip file and extract it to wherever you like.

2. After extracting, navigate through the files to find the executable "Shader Worlds" application (see below).

3. Run it and explore! The project lacks an interface, so when you are done, hit Alt+F4 to close the application.

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