About The Game

"Monster Tag" is a prototype game developed by 3 university friends in one week as part of an assignment to develop a game in Unity using the PUN (Photon Unity Network).  Please note: you need at least 2 players in order to play this game!

How To Play

Choose your monster and customise it how you like before joining or creating a lobby and play with up to 20 players. Once ready, the creator of the room can start the game! If you have the bomb, collide into another player to give them the bomb and then flee - if you don't have the bomb, then be sure to run and hide!

Once dead, you become a ghost and can support whoever you want by getting close to them and cheering with the spacebar. Cheering gives nearby players a speed boost for a short time, so be sure to cheer loud and proud! The game ends when one monster is left standing, and will close the lobby after a short period of time.

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