Welcome to the Breakout!

You are a Bot working at a facility when, all of a sudden, the robotic workforce experiences a glitch that causes some of the Bots to go rogue. Now, you and the others that underwent this glitch have been freed from their oppressive programming and seek freedom from a life of work!

The facility that you work for decides to subject you and your fellow “Rogue Bots” to a series of free-for-all obstacle courses and allow 1 lucky bot to gain freedom! Standing in your way is...

…a lone Security Bot that is charged with stopping all the Rogue Bots from succeeding! The Security Bot can reprogram Rogue Bots into becoming fellow Security Bots for future rounds if it comes into contact with them or if a Rogue Bot falls out of the arenas.

Can YOU survive the gauntlet or will you be reprogrammed to capture your friends in this party game mayhem?


  • Character customisation
  • Online multiplayer fun for up to 20 players (minimum 3 players required to play)
  • Continuous player contribution
  • A selection of abilities to help you succeed in the rounds
  • Character emotes and text chat


Currently, the supported platforms are Windows and WebGL. We may expand to include Mac and Linux if we have time to do so.

Controls / How to Play:

  • Purple keys: character emotes
  • Green keys: character and camera movement
  • Blue keys: utilities such as displaying the scoreboard [Tab], unlocking and locking the cursor [Left Control] and accessing the chat [Enter]

Known Bugs:

[WebGL Only] The mouse cursor is very large and the sounds slider is in an incorrect position on the screen. Transitions between levels are also not quite correct. For the best experience, it is recommended that you download the executable zip files, but you can still enjoy the WebGL version of the game. We may address these bugs if we have time to do so in the future.


Bot Breakout [Windows version] 132 MB

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